Trade Services

Whether it is your first export transaction or whether you are an experienced exporter, our trained staffs are ready to serve you.

We facilitate both import and export trade services mainly to Sri Lanka and countries in the region. Our experienced and skilled staffs are ready to assist you to facilitate your transactions.

Export Facilities
Advising Letters of Credit and Amendments

Letters of credit and any subsequent amendments received at our office will be verified for authenticity and advised to beneficiaries

Adding confirmation to Letters of credit

Accommodate requests to add the Bank’s confirmation to Letters of Credit received and advised.

Bills negotiation

Our experienced staff are here to provide you with bespoke services in handling your documents and forwarding these to the issuing bank through speedy delivery channels. We can facilitate your urgent cash requirements by negotiating conforming documents required under deferred payment term Letters of Credit.

Transferring Letters of Credits

We can facilitate the assignment of Letters of Credit and the proceeds to an alternative beneficiary at the request of the client.

Forward Exchange Contract

We can facilitate protection of your export proceeds expected in foreign currency against exchange rate movements by way of Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts.

Export bills for collection

We can handle shipping documents on a collection basis through speedy delivery channels and credit the proceeds upon receipt from the buyer’s bank.

Pre-shipment / Post Shipment Credit facilities

Request for prearranged pre-shipment/post shipment credit facilities will be considered

Import Facilities
Issuance of Letter of credits

Issuance of Letters of Credit and related amendments to any bank in Sri Lanka and countries in the region for our customers and the subsequent advising of documentary collections received from the importer's bank. Facilities for the issue of Letters of Credit will be subject to our internal credit approval processes.

Documentary Collection

Advise customers of the receipt of documents from the exporter's bank, release of the documents and payment execution as per their instructions pn the following terms.

  • Documents against payment(D/P)
  • Documents against acceptance(D/A)
  • Reimbursing bank arrangement
  • Issuance of Letter of Guarantees
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