Current Accounts

We provide a straightforward current account to manage your finances with traditional customer support services. Current Account comes with a range of benefits to manage your daily transactions.

  • Accounts available in GBP with an initial deposit of £ 250 (minimum)
  • Cheque Book available
  • Regular monthly statements
  • Regular payments can be made by standing orders
  • Allows for inward BACS transfers and standing orders from UK accounts.
  • Collection of cheques for your account.
  • Withdrawals can be made in person, by cheque or by transfer to any bank account
  • Overdrafts available subject to financial assessment.
  • Personalised service
  • A monthly account maintenance charge of £5 will be levied where the balance falls below £250 during the month

Please contact us to schedule an appointment and/or to discuss your requirements.

Documentary proof

We will require documentary evidence to confirm your identity and residential address.

Evidence of Identity (any of the following documents)

  • A current valid UK/EU Passport (minimum 6 month visa for other passports); or


Evidence of residential address (Any of the following documents)

  • An original utility bill issued within three months;
  • An original current council tax bill;
  • An original current bank or building society statement;
  • A current letter from HMRC evidencing tax residency;
  • A current photo card Full UK driving licence ; or
  • A current tenancy agreement with a commercial institution

All the above are subject to the Bank’s standard terms and conditions. For more information please contact us.