FAQ's : Payments & Clearing

Do I need to have an account with BOC (UK) in order to remit funds to Sri Lanka?
No, it is not necessary. If you have an account with us you can set up a standing order to remit money periodically or in the case of occasional transfers send a signed letter. Sending an e-mail attaching a scanned signed letter also would be accepted as a valid instruction.
Are there any charges involved?
Yes. Please refer to the e-cash remittance page elsewhere in the website for more details.
How many days it takes for the beneficiary to receive funds?
Mode Approx. No of days take to credit beneficiary’s A/c Cash Deposit over the counter Latest next day Standing order instruction Latest next day Instruction through a letter or an e-mail Latest next day from the date of receipt of the letter by the bank Fund transferred through one of our collection Accounts; Barclays, HSBC, or NatWest Two days from the date of receipt of funds to our collection accounts. Note - If the beneficiary’s account is not with the Bank of Ceylon, an additional day may be taken to receive funds to the account.
What will be the exchange rate applied to my fund transfer?
The exchange rate prevailing on the day on which the fund transfer is processed by us.
Do I have to have an account with a BOC Branch in Sri Lanka to remit funds?
No. You can remit funds to any other Bank in Sri Lanka as well.

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